Drôme Friedman 2010

Drôme Friedman 2010
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1. Riad (site web) 12/03/2014

Chris hope you enjoy it It's a fascinating sucbjet, and I hope I've brought over my hero's passion for it.Marilyn thank you Kristi vanilla is just scrummy! Hope you enjoy it. (And I'm glad I'm not the only one who saves books as carrots. I have a Nicola Cornick that's just waiting for me to finish doing my revisions )Amy will have to keep an eye out for the HB. And the Body Shop's vanilla is very reliable!Christina what a shame it had been reposessed, because that's a great idea. The beautician who did the course also does perfume parties where you can do that (obviously I got to grill her in much more depth!) and I'm hoping she still does that when my youngest turns 13 as that'd be such a lovely girly thing to do.

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