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1. Girish (site web) 12/03/2014

thanks again for another thuhtugfol and encouraging post! I myself suffer from those very same barriers in trying to come up with more frequent and insightful posts. #2 and #5 are probably the biggest obstacles in my world, but even if i don't have time, i try to at least pass on some local event or news that might not otherwise be seen. these are usually not terribly original in content, but i really try to only post the things that interest me kind of like an online view of my own personal notebook. i figured there is no reason in trying to figure out what people want to read unless I want to read it myself. this is probably my best attempt to remedy barrier #2.i also hate to say this, but family life can be some tough waters to navigate when trying to find time for a blog but as you have hinted at, maybe there is a way to incorporate the family experience into posts without becoming overexposed or obscure.

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