Rallye Drôme Paul Friedman (17-18 juillet)

Rallye Drôme Paul Friedman (17-18 juillet)
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1. William (site web) 12/03/2014

Sarah thank you ) A perfume party would be braillint.Maurine over here, they're done through Virgin Experiences, so I imagine there must be companies who do similar red letter days in the US? And Princess smells lovely )Kim it was! And LOL on going back to the same one. That's me and Dior ;o) Scent is really a powerful memory tool. When I smell coffee being roasted, I always think of walking through the snow to university, eating almond cookies and listening to In the Air Tonight' on my Walkman. (Tried explaining how innovative the Walkman was to my kids (who are the iPod generation), and the fact that there were no mobile phones back then, and it was Mum, were you on the Ark? LOL!)

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