Course de Côte de Chamrousse VHC 2009

13ème Course de Côte de Chamrousse VHC 22 et 23 Août 2009 Deux passages différents lors de la séance d'essai du samedi

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VHC Course cote chamrousse 2009 Rallye alpine bmw 2002 Tii Porsche Corvette drift voiture loeb Race tunning

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1. Carpower (site web) 12/03/2014

Thanks so much Bronnie. I am totally in love with your blog! And I just reiselad your in AUS, which is very cool. I am in SYD. Another stupid non cake professional question but say I want to make your chocolate mud cake and then I need to ganache it so I can put fondant on it. Would you recommend chocolate ganache or is that just too much chocolate? Also your IMB recipes looks amazing but I think it may be out of my league so thinking I will just put ganache in my layers. Would that be the same flavour as what goes on the outside? or would a buttercream be better do you think?I am just trying to understand what works best (and easiest given my lack of cake making ability)!And thanks so much for answering these posts. It is so nice to comment on a site and actually have someone get back to you Thanks Ellen-Marie

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